Screen Printing Minimum = 25 units. The number of colors in your design and print locations also determine the minimum of your order. For every additional color/print location, you must add 10 more units to meet our minimums. For example, a 4 color print has a 40 units minimum.  Minimums apply to re-orders.


Establishing the Turn Around Time (~4-7 business days, about 1-1.5 weeks)
Because the art of screen printing requires a lot of time and preparation, there are certain guidelines that need to be met before establishing a completion date. Please allow yourself enough time to work out the details of your order to avoid delaying the turn around time.

-Finalized Artwork
-Finalized Garment Selection (style, quantity, size, and colors)

Please submit these requirements at least 7 business days prior to your deadline. If we do not receive these requirements within the timeframe, the order is subject to be delayed.

To avoid this situation, its time to do homework!

2. Prep Artwork
3. Garments
4. Submit a Quote Request
5. Approve the Order/Payment
6. Pick Up Order!